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ST Model Seawind EP ARTF

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Γρήγορη Επισκόπηση

Lights LED Wingtip (Inc.)
Propeller 11 x 8 (Inc.)
Wingspan 1450mm
Height 430mm
Length 1123mm
Weight 1.82Kg
Servos 7 (Inc.)
Radio System 6 Channel (Req.)
Retracts Included
LiPo 3S1P 11.1v 2100-2500mAh 30C (Req.)
Electric Motor Brushless (Inc.)
Speed Controller Brushless (Inc.)

ST Model Seawind EP ARTF

Περισσοτερες Οψεις


EPO moulded airframe • Moulded plastic • Scale fowler flaps • Powerful brushless motor and ESC pre-installed • High mounted motor to keep the propeller clear of obstructions • Rx-Ready with servos pre-installed • Opening canopy with cockpit detail • Retracting metal arm main wheels • Retracting steerable nose wheel with doors • Retracting steerable water rudder • Easily removable wings with simple locking mechanism • Bright colour scheme • Great water handling • Superb flight charactistics

Επιπρόσθετες Πληροφορίες

Age 14 ετών+
User Level Beginner-Novice
Length (mm) 1123
Weight(gr) 1800.0000
Airplane Wing Span (mm) 1450
Scale Όχι
Manufacturer RIPMAX

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